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Peter Nguyen
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I am currently a junior at Cristo Rey Jesuit College Preparatory of Houston. In addition to my academics, I am a member of the gardening club, computer/robotics club, culinary club, and the National Honor Society. Hobbies that I am personally attached to are Track & Field, which I've done for 7 years, and playing the piano, which I've done for 4 years. Additionally, I attend the youth group at my church where we do volunteering services and helping others develop their faith. Overall, I enjoy being involved and being able to discover what I'm truly passionate about.
My goal after graduating school is to find a career that I am truly excited about. With a 4.0 GPA, I have yet to find out what I want to do with my life. My firm belief is that if I continue to explore and constantly push myself into new boundaries, then I will learn more about my strength, weakness, and interests, and ultimately, be able to decide which career path to pursue.

With the help of CIEE, a non-profit organization for educational and international summer abroad programs, they allow me to develop the creative aspect side of me and diversify my passions. I'll be taken on a transformative journey to Seoul, South Korea, where I'll be learning of Korean pop culture and its arts, audiovisual elements, and so much more. With the 3-week journey, I'll be taken to trendy and historical sites as well as entertainment agencies, learning of their creative use of visual arts, and experience firsthand, Korea's breathtaking innovative modernity. This fantastic learning opportunity will be important to me due to the fact that I'll be especially exposed to culture, art, and technology in a country that shows true dedication to it. With this opportunity, I will also be able to build long-lasting relationships with other participants of this program, where we can contribute our own insights about K-pop culture.

I would be extremely grateful if you can help sponsor my participation in the CIEE High School Study Abroad Program. Once I was accepted, I was very fortunate to have received nearly full tuition into the program. However, all I need now is to provide roughly $1,400 for travel. Your donation of $25, $50, $75, $100, or as little as you can, to help make this opportunity possible will be immensely appreciated! Thank you!

My student ID is: SFN-27284 (Copy this in order to donate)