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Kennedy Manuel
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My name is Kennedy Manuel, and I am currently a sophomore at Houston Academy for International Studies. I enjoy reading, cooking and learning about different languages and cultures, which is why my career goal is to be a translator. My favorite subject is Chinese, because I enjoy learning new aspects about the language, and I learn something new about Chinese culture each class. My goal in life is to prove to others that I can overcome stereotypes and to show that I willingly don't fit the narrative. I want to travel the world and learn about different groups of people, their languages, and their culture instead of staying couped up in my own. This is what I plan to accomplish by becoming a translator for Chinese to English.

The FLO (Fantastic Learning Opportunity) I have recently been accepted into is sponsored by CIEE- High School Summer Abroad, a company that encourages young people to travel overseas and learn more about the world around them.
I was given the oppurtunity to apply for the organizatiob's Global Navigator's Scholarship, which specifically helps high schoolers that can't afford to go on trips to the certain countries the scholarship supports. I am proud and grateful to say that this scholarship covers 80% of the tuition towards my trip to Shanghai, China!
CIEE is an enormous step towards my career path due tp the facty that it provides me with the experience I will need with foreigners to become a Chinese translator, and also helps to accomplish my dream of stepping out f my comfort zone to explore the world around me.
If you are interested, a few ways that you can give a helping hand to send me off to Shanghai this summer include donating to my page, buying something from my school-sponsored fundraiser, or simply keep me in you thoughts!
Donating to this page would be the biggest help, even if it is just a few dollars or some spare change! Any money would be appreciated, and would put me one step closer to my study abroad adventure!
In addition to sending funds, if you happen to be enrolled at my high school, you can always stop by and purchase an ice cold soda or anything else I happen to be selling at a reasonably low price (per the school's permission). 
If you can't give any money, that's okay! Simply keeping me in your thoughts and prayers and hoping for the best is just as powerful. At the end of the day, I'll need all the help I can get.