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Kamrin Christal
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My name is Kamrin Christal, and I attend Cristo Rey Jesuit High School  I recently got accepted to Close UP, this amazing summer program to D.C. I feel like this is a great opportunity, and the only way I can make that great experience is with your help. I am a very smart student, making A's and B's. It is a dream of mine to go to D.C. to learn about the law and political institutions, and with you all proceeds, I can make that happen. So, please help out, Thank You.


The Close Up Flagship Program is a program that gives high school students the chance to see what happens in the government, how it works together.. It gives students the chance to visit all branches of government, being inspired by the history of the city . It also gives students the opportunity to experience how our government works. I think this is an amazing program, and I can be apart of it with your help.
You can help by donating and passing along my request to others to donate too!  The total cost of the program is $1299.00. including flight and travel expenses. I have already received a scholarship for $500.00. Any help you give me by donating $5,$10,$25$,50,or even 100$ would be so appreciated. Thank-you for all that help make this dream possible.