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Justan Cormier
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     I am currently a 10th Grader at Houston Academy of International Studies. I enjoy learning about other cultures and becoming more fluent in other languages. My goal after I complete high school is to go to the University of Texas, and I am the most interested in the field of Medical Science. I plan on becoming fluent in at least three languages by the time I graduate college, as I believe that communicating with people of different cultural backgrounds is extremely important, and will allow me to  reach many as a medical professional. My GPA is currently a 4.56, due to the challenging advanced high school courses and my college classes at HCC. My favorite subjects at school are science and history, and I really look forward to studying both of these aspects of Spain.

     One of the best ways that I can increase my knowledge in other cultures and languages is by taking advantage of the Fantastic Learning Opportunity from CIEE, where I will have the chance to travel to Seville, Spain and study the Spanish language and culture. This trip will take place from June 9th, 2019 through July 6th, 2019. While I am in Spain, I will attend classes throughout the week where I learn about the Spanish Language, and the daily life of the people who live in Seville. Throughout the trip, we will be encouraged to interact with the locals, while only speaking Spanish. This FLO is very important to me and my academic goals because it will allow me to learn about a new language and understand another culture that I am not currently familiar with. By taking this opportunity, I will become more fluent in Spanish, which will allow me to communicate with a larger variety of people in my normal life, and eventually in my work setting.

          I would be very thankful if you would help fund my airfare so that I can participate in CIEE's study abroad program. Although I have received a partial scholarship for my trip, I need to contribute about $1,500 towards my travel fees. Your assistance of any amount would be greatly appreciated, and would help me be able to fully take advantage of this opportunity.