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Jose Nerio
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I am currently a Sophomore at Cristo Rey Jesuit in Houston, Texas. In addition to my academics, I am in a variety of clubs, namely National Honors Society, Video Club, Chess Club, Computer Club, Art Club, and the TWAS Theatre Program. I love to draw character designs and create backstories for the characters I create. My goal after graduating high school is attend UT Austin or Duke University. I would like to study in the field of the arts (visual and/or performing). Right now I want to be able to let my characters have a fan-base and be able to inspire the people around me to do better as characters from TV Shows and games do for me. As of now, my GPA is a 4.34 and my favorite class is Math because it is the easiest class for me to learn quickly.
I want to be able to do game design to bring my characters to life. That is why I am taking advantage of a Fantastic Learning Opportunity called Camp ARCH. Camp ARCH is an artistic summer program sponsored by the College of Architecture at Texas A&M in College Station. During this week-long program, I will be studying the fundamentals of Game Design as well as participating in activites outside of the session, namely tours around campus and sporting events. I believe this program will be a challenge for me as I am going to be learning something new. I feel confident that I will be able to overcome that challenge and start my journey into Game Design.
I would be extremely grateful if you sponsor my participation at Camp ARCH. While I have already applied, I still need to pay the tuition fee, which is roughly $1,200. Donating $10, $25, $50, or more would help me to be able to take advantage of this outstanding opportunity.