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Jacob Quintanilla
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I'm currently a junior at sharpstown high school in Houston, Texas. I grew up with a single parent. Although my mother is hispanic, I was never taught how to speak spanish. I grew up celebrating and embracing my latino heritage, and as I grew older I realized how important learning the language was. I'm currently taking spanish classes and I enjoy listening to latino music. Currently my GPA is a 4.1 and I'm enrolled in all AP and OnRamps' (dual credit) classes. I'm involved with many programs and clubs. I'm an EMERGE fellow. EMERGE is a program who empowers high school students from low income families to attend and graduate from selective colleges and universities across the nation. I'm also involved with HOSA, a group for students with dreams of becoming future professional doctors. I joined the Running Club because diabetes runs in my family and I want lead a healthy lifestyle, and also because it's something fun to do during my free time. I'm part of the Student Council. I'm the Treasurer, and I'm in charge of fundraising money for my class, Class of 2019. I'm also part of the National Honor Society, a program where outstanding high school students are recognized for their accomplishments, and challenges students by involving us in school activities and community service. I plan on going to college and majoring in medicine so that I can become a Dermatologist or a Surgeon.
I was accepted into CIEE's program, Spanish Language & Culture in Bacelona, Spain. While abroad, I will be learning how to speak "regular" spanish, as well as the regional Catalan spanish. After my daily spanish language and cultural classes, I'll be exploring the town with my group and visit museums, local parks, and cafes. I'll be staying with a host family where i'll be able to get into the rhythm of Spanish life. I will be able to do many fun activities with my host family by participating in their everyday life activites they do such as, kicking around a soccer ball, swimming at the beach, and helping to prepare meals. I'll be exposed to their well known rock music.I'll get a chance to taste their mouth-watering churros with mugs of thick chocolate for dipping. I'll get the opportunity to cook an authentic spanish meal with locals and new friends. I'll learn about Gaudi's ground-breaking architecture and learn to recognize his signature style. I'm really excited to participate in this program because I'll be able to practice my spanish and also learn Barcelona's style of spanish. I'll also be exposed to a different spanish culture and learn their traditions and values.
I would appreciate it if you would help sponser my participation in the CIEE summer abroad program, Spanish Language & Culture in Barcelona, Spain. I have applied for and received financial aid, I still need to contribute $1,500 towards travel. I am grateful for any donations given and no matter how small or large the donation is, I will be one step closer to reaching my goals.