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Dejah Johnson
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My name is Dejah Johnson, I am a sophomore at Sharpstwon High School. I love to dance and sing dancing is like a major for me when their's nothing to do i wanna show little kids that anything is possible and never get up on what you believe cause their's always another way to do things i love babysitting i'm 15 yearsold and i wanna do something better with my life i wanna go to college and wanna make a way i want to experience other things so that i can know more about culture.
My name is Dejah Johnson and I’m at 10th grader. I’m 15 years old and I go to Sharpstown high school. I love to dance and sing because when I dance or sing it brings joy to my soul and I know that I could accomplish anything when I really love to bring new things to the table especially when I dance. It’s good to inspire people and let them know that you have your life planned out. Right now, I’m trying to keep myself busy because I lost my mother this year I just wish I had that person who believed in me like I believe in myself. I have 2 sisters and 1 brother they are good people. When I get out of high school I plan on going to law school cause being a lawyer is my passion of mine. I feel like I should help people make a difference and let people know you shouldn’t have to make bad decisions to fit in, you should want to graduate, get a job, and do something better with your life instead of making bad decisions. I just think that everyone should achieve something in their life and that’s why I really want to go on this trip because I want to learn more about where we come from and everything that’s happened before everyone became equal. I want to learn how I should represent myself in a better way. When I hear about what’s been going on in our country today it makes me want to make a difference. I want to learn how other people became who they are and how they achieved their goals. Hearing another person’s point of view might change my mind or theirs about what they want to do in life or how they see the world. When other people say everyone should be treated equal that is so true because you should really act like a respectful person. Our generation has a bad reputation like guns and violence. Kids shouldn’t have to feel worried about guns and gangs. Kids should be able to their education because there are some kids that don’t even know about the history of this country or their culture.  Going to Washington, D.C. will help me learn how I have a voice in government and how to help others learn about their rights. I will make sure I am ready for this trip by making a fundraising page and putting forth an effort to make sure I go no matter what. I will ask my family and people I know to help donate.
I need you to donate becuase it's gonna be hard for me to go and i really wanna know more about the president's about how they started things and what made them push and strive to become successful and who motivated them and also i wanna know how i their life's could impact mine with so much knowledge i could maybe sell cookies and he volunteer for people if i means i get to go on this trip