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Christopher Ferman
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I am currently a junior at Cristo Rey Jesuit College Preparatory School of Houston. During my free time, I can be seen playing piano, taking care of my dog, listening to music, or helping out around the house.

In a world as crazy as ours, I seek to find escape in the world of the arts. With a passion for creativity, I have taken part in theatre club, participating in both acting and bakstage roles, and played the djembe in my Music class, who I perormed with during the Collective+Hope event at the Hobby Center in Houston, Texas this past March.

My firm belief is that any form of art gives voice to the voiceless. Anything, from a song, a poem, a photo, to even a mere drawing from a child can bring powerful messages to all when viewed from a variety of perspectives. I continue to push myself creatively and expose myself to new ideas so that I never find myself bored. 

My favorite classes are AP English and Music, as both inspire me to use my imagination to create something unique. My goal for after I graduate is to study music production at the Academy of Art University and get the opportunity to provide scores for film and other entertainment.
The Experiment in International Living offers me the chance to explore all kinds of artistic opportunities. I'll be taken to the country of France, where I will broaden my skills in drawing, painting, and photography. Through the 4-week journey, I will be taken through various art galleries and museums such as the Louvre and take in the breathtaking culture of France. This Fantastic Learning Opportunity is important to me as I will be exposed to various forms of art and history in a country that holds such great value to it. Along with the experience of travelling to a new and unfamiliar place, I would get the opportunity to be alongside other participants who share the same passions as me and can build relationships that can last forever. 
I would be very grateful if you can help sponsor my participation in The Experiment in International Living. Although I have already recieved financial aid from EIL, I still need to provide $1,721 to fully pay for my tuition. Your donation of $25, $50, $75, $100, or as little as you can to help make this possible will be appreciated!

Please use my Student ID# when you make your donation: 2019045