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Bibles For Asia

Bibles for the People
The need for Bibles is urgent. YOU CAN HELP.
The GOOD news: It is estimated there are 3.5 – 7 million new Christians in Asia every year.
The BAD news: The number of Bibles printed and available are not enough to cover this growing number.
You can provide these much needed Bibles. Your donation of $5 will provide a whole Bible to someone in need of one.

“That Bible changed my life! It led me to believe in Jesus Christ!”  -- Hainan, China Christian

“I had the privilege of hearing the Gospel about 30 years ago and decided to follow Jesus Christ. At that time Bibles were so scarce that I wondered if I could ever get my own copy. Fortunately God provided one for me (I still do not know where it came from) and I have become an evangelist of the Gospel. Now as I go preach the Gospel in the countryside I find that even though Bibles are not as rare as they were 30 years ago; there is still a huge deficit and it is very difficult for peasants to get a Bible. I now take Bibles that you provide and give them to seekers and believers that are so happy to get their own copy. Thank you for providing the Word of Life to us!”  --Shaanxi, China Christian

Statistics have shown that each new Bible usually results in 3 additional people who will give their heart to the Lord.

Thank you for helping us provide the precious Word of God in Asia.

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