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The acronym, WOW, stands for Women of the Well and refers to the story of how Jesus met a woman at Jacob's well and told her everything she had ever done.  She was stunned that He would talk to her.  Then, Jesus tells her He could offer her "living water" and she'll never go thirsty again.  The "living water" represented eternal life that she could only get through belief in Him.  She doesn't fully comprehend until He tells her that He is the promised Messiah! (John 4:4-30)
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by Anonymous donated $200 on 12/13/2019
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Krista Chandler donated $500 on 11/19/2019
I hope this gift can help someone else like you all have helped me. I love you CWC. Merry Christmas!
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Love you and miss you Jessica
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36th Annual Gala / Fundraiser Partnership
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