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Cynthia Bott donated $25 on 8/11/2020
Thanks for your work Dawn.
Joanne Lofthouse donated $100 on 8/2/2020
Irene Van donated $50 on 8/1/2020
Because young people are leading the way in the movement, they know than any other adults, and they will be what changes the world.
Sandi Kaplan donated $15 on 7/15/2020
Robert Sheridan donated $200 on 7/13/2020
by Anonymous donated $100 on 7/4/2020
by Anonymous donated $25 on 7/2/2020
Shauna Talburt donated $24 on 6/26/2020
In Honor of my friend Hannah Mazonson's birthday!!
by Anonymous donated $24 on 6/26/2020
by Anonymous donated $300 on 6/25/2020
Oakland Bakers against Racism donated $650 on 6/24/2020
Thank you for all that you do. Keep it going! #brownandblackunity
by Anonymous donated $100 on 6/23/2020
Berkeley Community Acupuncutre donated $100 on 6/19/2020
Donation received on 6.16.2020 Curbside Clinic in support of healing and justice.
Darlyn Villalona and BLM comrades donated $30 on 6/11/2020
I love this! Continue doing the damn thing!
Berkeley Community Acupuncture donated $107.2 on 6/10/2020
BCA Community, Thank you for your donation on our June 9 Curbside Clinic! We are here to support Healing & Justice with CURYJ :)
aden neumeister donated $25 on 6/10/2020
by Anonymous donated $100 on 6/9/2020
Emma P donated $50 on 6/9/2020
thank you for all that you do. we will continue to follow Black and Brown youth throughout this movement.
Gent Grush donated $50 on 6/8/2020
Sheila Jordan,AC Superintendent of Schools Emerita donated $150 on 6/8/2020
I salute CURYJ for your mission, goals, and activism among youth and in the community. Thank you.
Ronald Moore donated $50 on 6/8/2020
No silenced voices
Samirah donated $25 on 6/8/2020
Lyle and Susanne La Faver donated $100 on 6/7/2020
Protect our youth. Reallocate public funds from police to community programs and support for children, youth and families in need. BLM
Patrick O donated $50 on 6/7/2020
DJTM donated $20 on 6/7/2020