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Help Support Our Online Community

Dear Cumbe Family,
In this strange time of unpredictability and isolation, our team has been working around the clock to continue to 
bring joy, unification and cultural education to our expanded family through online classes and community sharing. It's during the difficult moments in our lives that innovation thrives and creativity takes the lead. It's during these dark moments in our society that we draw closer to one another, tapping into our collective light to lead us to a new day. Since launching our online classes, the response has been tremendous! People from all over the world have joined us for dance and drum classes, creating a beautiful mosaic of students and artists in concert.

So far,
1. We have launched FREE Online dance and drum classes.
2. We are creating fun dance social media campaigns for our community.
3. We are creating communal healing spaces.

4. We are paying our teachers for lost wages.

We are deeply encouraged by this phenomenon and are inspired to continue to thrive in this new digital space. As we continue to use our platform to cultivate our community, we are leaning on you, our family, to support this effort.

Join us by pledging your financial support to keep Cumbe programs available to our community as a source of wellness and a beacon of light. Your financial contribution will help us pay our hard working teachers and staff, fund efforts to expand and refine our digital offerings and most importantly, share the power and spirit of African-rooted dance with people all over the world.
Thank you for being the very best of Cumbe.

Your donations help us provide amazing programming for our community!

* Donation-based classes online
* Online dance and music residencies in public schools
* Sustainable pay for our teachers and musicians
* Online programs for our community elders

How Your Contributions Helps...

$25 – supports admission to one online class for two students
$50 – supports fair payment for one teacher for one class
$100 – supports recording equipment for two teachers
$250 – supports staff, teachers and improved digital recording equipment for two online classes
$500 – supports staff, teachers and improved digital recording equipment for four online classes
$1000 – supports staff, teachers and improved digital recording equipment for eight online classes