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Donations help us continue programming in local schools that don't have the luxury of sharing art and culture with their students and communities. Cumbe is bringing African dance and music to New York City through immersive workshops, residencies, school assemblies and more, throughout the year. Over the summer, our teaching artists work with children in our neighborhoods in a fun, culturally educational summer camp. Our camp is important to the growth and development of young people and we want to ensure access to this wonderful learning experience to as many students as possible.

Your Donations help us:
  • Generate scholarships for families in need
  • Educate children by bringing African and Diaspora dance and music to schools
  • Elevate our elders in the community through dance and music
  • Make dance accessible by supporting classes at Cumbe for all income levels
Thank you for your continued support!
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Michael & Jimena donated $360 on 12/9/2018
Dominique Bravo and Eric Sloan donated $2500 on 11/27/2018
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