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Joey's Day
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Gone for 9 years and missed dearly.
When Joey entered a room, you knew immediately that a warm,kind, friendly, funny, giving man stood before you.  He loved his family more than anything.  He was always willing to help, you just had to call.   He was generous to a fault, he had been know to give someone his last dollar if that person needed it more than him.   His attitude was I can work an extra hour.  He loved golfing with his Dad, fishing with his Uncle's and cousins, going to concerts with his sister, and cooking.  He loved sharing his recipes with Mom. 

Throughout his life he never followed the "Yellow Brick road".  He would take detours along the way to explore but always found out that the "Yellow Brick road" was where he needed to be. . He lived life to the fullest all the time, if he was wrong he would be the first to admit it, he was always willing to apologize if he was wrong, and he loved intensely,  and forgave easily.

 We wanted his memory and life to mean something in this world - and what better way than to bring family and friends together to give back to those in need.  He has suceeded in having us give back and would be so proud and happy.

 Love you forever Joey.

2017 - Joey's Day raised $3,523 - there were 42 donors - and 51 volunteers.