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OUR GOAL is to do an activity a day until June 30, 2018.

Activities include, but not limited to:
-  Dancing
-  Walking
-  Jogging
-  Housework
-  Stretching
-  Softball
-  Tennis
-  Frisbee
-  Rock climbing
-  Hiking
-  Cardio
-  Biking
While I don't plan on bombarding you all with photos, I thought it would be fun to have some Photographic Evidence to share!

Day 1 - Team Walk in my fancy clothes ;) 

Day 2 - Mom and I went for a half hour walk around the Dale. 

Day 3 - Mom and I went for a walk while Brett walked around and read. 

Day 4 - Odd number of events today: Shopping, Grilling, and Walking. 

Day 5 - SkyZone for the first time. Now THAT is a work out. 

Day 6 - Brett and I continued our fun with a 2 mile hike at Stroud's Preserve in West Chester. Did I mention the two hours of choreography?

Day 7 - Walk with the team to another building for a meeting. 

Day 8 - Brett went for a walk after work while I did a short walk in 6 inch pumps. I consider that quite the activity ;). 

Day 9 - 15 minutes of stretching does a body good!

Day 10 - in addition to some house work for mom, we went for a walk before the storm. 

Day 11 - Combo of Day 8 and Day 9. Only did 20 minutes of stretching instead!

Day 12 - An hour of housework after driving 2.5 hours!

Day 13 - Little bit a cardio with a allergy headache.

Day 14 - Packing up my desk, walking through the grocery store, and lifting bags!

Based on the difficulties associated with this website, I have been unable to be as on the ball as I'd like with my updates. Getting sick in June didn't help. 

But Brett and I have gone to Planet Fitness, for many walks together and apart (I do some of my walks in heels!), he's gone dancing, while worked out in my home gym. I've been taking a heavy focus on stretching. 

Once ce I am over this cold, I'll get back to the more species but by date. That'll be easier ;-)

6/20: While I have the cold slightly, my friend Barbara and I took a stroll around downtown West Chester. While Brett took an hour and a half walk. 

6/21: Mom and I walked to Gram's and back. With a small rest for her ;)

6/22: Good stretching session and abs. 

6/23: Photoshoot. I assure you, that is an activity.

6/24: House cleaned my parent's house to help them out.  

6/25: Brett and I went for a walk before heading to a friend's house. 

6/26: In addition to walking around campus with a friend, Brett and I went to the gym. 

6/27: I had a meeting in another building so rather than drive, I walked. 

6/28: Cooking and a tour of my multiple level house kept me moving. 

6/29: In addition to an outside walk at work, Brett and I walked around Philly for a Phillies game. 

6/30 & 7/1: As I was celebrating a birthday in AC, over the last two days I've walked about five miles, most of that on heels, and went to the pool! I'm sooo tired!

7/2: While technically our commitment is over, in the insane heat, I went to the zoo with my friend Gina and walked while Brett went on his own walk. 

7/3: Brett and I went to Hershey Park. You can only imagine the amount of walking since never waited in line!

7/4: We went swimming at the pool. 

7/5: Need a good stretch after the car ride the day before. 

7/6 & 7/7: Walked over to Gram's to visit. 

7/8: Back to the pool for some water fun. 

7/9: Brett and I played some tennis and then went for a walk. 
I started volunteering at my hometown's library when I was ten. When I went to college, I volunteered at West Chester University. But, then, I graduated and didn't know where I would volunteer next. That's when I found Cradles to Crayons (C2C). I've been volunteering with C2C for more than eight years and have held many roles there. My current status is Champion Volunteer. My enthusiasm for C2C drifted to my boyfriend Brett who will also be participating in the Un-run under my bib!

Cradles to Crayons provides children from birth though age 12, living in homeless or low-income situations, with the essential items they need to thrive - at home, at school, and at play.  Last year, Cradles to Crayons supported more than 70,000 children in the Greater Philadelphia region.

One-third of the customized KidPack requests we receive from our service partners are intended for babies and toddlers.  These special bundles often include several sets of clothing, caps & booties, bibs & burp cloths, developmental toys, board books, diapers, and hygiene items such as baby wash, lotion, diaper ointment, and more. We also offer diaper bags, crib sheets, and larger gear such as car seats and strollers.  Our Gear Up for Baby initiative provides resources to support this vulnerable population. 

The Gear Up for Baby Un-Run is a unique fundraiser "race" in which participants can choose when, where, and how far they wish to go. Each team member sets a personal goal for both distance and dollars to be raised during the race period from May 1 - July 31

* More runners & walkers are welcome! To join the Un-Run team, please visit:

* If you have already registered, please click the "Become a Fundraiser" button on the right side of this page to start your personal campaign.

* To support Gear Up for Baby, please donate on this page or choose one of our team members on the side to support an individual's fundraising efforts.

Please contact Suzanne at with any additional questions. Thank you!

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