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[Phi] Teen Leadership Corps 2018-2019

Fundraising global stats: 41% left

Amount raised: $8,623

Amount left: $5,877

Please help our 2018-19 Teen Leadership Corps members reach their goal!

These student leaders are supporting the mission of Cradles to Crayons to provide everyday essentials to local children in need throughout the Greater Philadelphia region.

Each TLC member will be leading volunteer shifts in our Giving Factory warehouse, representing C2C in the community, and has pledged to raise at least $500 during their term.

We are proud of their initiative and grateful for their efforts.
Thank YOU for supporting them!


   Recent Activity
theresa B donated $234.78 on 2/10/2019
Paula L donated $50 on 1/24/2019
Hi Jacob, I am so proud of you for your community volunteer activity along with your school studies, sports activities, and music.
by Anonymous donated $104.05 on 1/23/2019
Liane M donated $34.54 on 1/22/2019
James J donated $104.05 on 1/22/2019
Proud of your commitment to Cradels to Crayons. Love you, Pop Pop and Gamp
by Anonymous donated $100 on 1/16/2019
Dorothy P donated $34.54 on 1/8/2019
by Anonymous donated $500 on 12/31/2018
Raymond S donated $155.92 on 12/30/2018
Paula L donated $50 on 12/2/2018
Happy to help! Congratulations on exceeding your goal.
Heckler F donated $136 on 11/27/2018
Way to go Annlise :)
Laurie C donated $33 on 11/26/2018
Awesome job Annalise! Love, the Creccas
Debra M donated $25 on 11/26/2018
Alyssa W donated $34.54 on 11/26/2018
Ellen D donated $52.17 on 11/26/2018
Great job, Annalise!!!
Arlene S donated $34.54 on 11/26/2018
Cindy M donated $50 on 11/26/2018
Great job Annalise! You are doing great things!
Stefanie F donated $34.54 on 11/25/2018
Thank you Annalise for working to support this wonderful cause Xoxo- Stefanie
David W donated $100 on 11/25/2018
by Anonymous donated $66 on 11/5/2018
Ashwin M donated $34.54 on 10/15/2018
Norman P donated $104.05 on 9/11/2018
Heather B donated $21.05 on 8/26/2018
Thanks for doing the good works!
Catherine M donated $104.05 on 8/26/2018
Go Dylan!
Timothy D donated $41.8 on 8/24/2018
Good luck Jules!