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Covenant Community, Inc.

Covenant Community, Inc. (CCI) is a life-stabilization residential program for men experiencing homelessness and recovering from alcoholism and/or other substance abuse. CCI is licensed by the state of Georgia as a Drug Abuse Treatment and Education Facility with approval to operate a residential intensive treatment program for adult men. 


CCI uses a therapeutic community model, in addition to an evidenced-based Day Treatment program, to assist its residents in establishing sobriety and returning to productive, self-sufficient functioning in society. 

CCI’s mission is to provide the necessary tools and resources to help our clients achieve personal life stabilization, secure employment and independent housing, enabling them to return to their families and the community as productive citizens. Our primary goals are to ensure that our residents improve their overall level of functioning as evidenced by: (1) being alcohol and drug free at discharge, (2) securing stable housing, (3) and securing employment.

Covenant Community, Inc. accomplishes its mission by:

  1. Providing individual and group counseling sessions;
  2. Facilitating skill building activities;
  3. Providing employment services to improve employment status and income;
  4. Providing housing stabilization services;
  5. Facilitating health and wellness activities;
  6. Conducting education sessions on money management;
  7. Providing a safe and supportive environment through a therapeutic community;
  8. Providing 24 hours Watch and Oversight,
  9. Family skill sessions, and,
  10. Participating in 12-Step programming.