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Community Legal Aid, Inc.

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$55 provides one hour of legal help, only one quarter of the going rate for private lawyers in central and western Massachusetts. 

  • 1 hour:Train a community group to fight injustice
  • 4 hours:Help a victim of abuse obtain an emergency order of protection
  • 10 hours:Help a client through the process of appealing a denial of lawful benefits
  • 14 hours:Prevent a family from becoming homeless due to an unlawful eviction

Your gift of any amount turns injustice into justice!

The need for legal services far outstrips our ability to provide them.  CLA is forced to turn away over half of the people eligible for our services who ask us for help because we don’t have enough resources.  Each of these people is in a legal crisis when they call for help. But every time limited funds choke off our ability to accept a case, we have to make agonizing decisions:

  • Which battered woman is in the MOST immediate danger without legal help?
  • Which family will become homeless FIRST without representation in Housing Court?

Your contributions – financial, volunteer, partnership – are essential to providing free legal assistance to those in dire need in the communities where we live and work.  They transform lives by:

  • Defending victims of abuse
  • Preventing homelessness
  • Ensuring health and safety
  • Protecting jobs and economic security
  • Fighting discrimination

On behalf of all of the Community Legal Aid family, THANK YOU for being one of our greatest friends and allies as we work together to provide fairness and justice to all the residents of central and western Massachusetts.

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