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Harvesting Hope

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We have donated over 210,000 pounds (960,000 individual servings) of fresh produce to people experiencing hunger in this unprecedented year. These fruits and vegetables were distributed by our 19 hunger relief partners directly to our neighbors who don’t have consistent access to healthy food. 

To keep everyone safe, we hosted 70% fewer volunteer volunteers this year, but were still able to harvest and donate this staggering amount of food. While we lacked in numbers, those who could volunteer overwhelmed us with their passion, dedication, and desire to help. Together we were not just harvesting produce, we were harvesting hope. Team Leader Shelly told us why it was so important for her to volunteer:

“This year it hit that it was so much more important as you watch TV with COVID and all the people with food insecurity waiting in line for 4 to 8 hours waiting to get some food...It’s really rewarding to know that you’re helping people get food, and fresh food, fresh produce and totally alleviate, or hopefully alleviate some of their food insecurity.”

The empty shelves at grocery stores we have seen this year are a visible reminder of a problem that has had an enduring presence in our community. More people than ever, 40% of whom have never had to use emergency food services before, have depended on our produce through this crisis. 

Because the economic and health effects of COVID are going to be felt well into next year, we are preparing to grow fruits and vegetables to match this increased need. If you donate today, $25 will provide 75 servings of nutritious leafy greens, $50 will provide 150 servings of antioxidant-rich apples, and $100 will provide 300 servings of nutrient dense butternut squash.

Please consider making a year-end gift to Community Harvest Project. Together, we can harvest needed produce, and hope.