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by Anonymous donated $25 on 4/7/2021
Working together for change!
Cheryl Henry donated $25 on 4/7/2021
Donation to thank Queen Jackson for connecting me to CCA.
Willie Ann Montford donated $10 on 4/7/2021
Courtney McGinnis donated $5 on 4/7/2021
Let's harness our collective power and work for change.
Gilda donated $10 on 4/7/2021
I believe in this movement
Barbara Sanders donated $25 on 4/7/2021
For my brother
Kristee Paschall donated $25 on 4/7/2021
I believe we will win!
Bob Finch donated $10 on 4/7/2021
Barbara Mazer donated $5 on 4/7/2021
Great organization wish I could afford more .
Audrye donated $5 on 4/7/2021
Thank you.
Cynthia M donated $5 on 3/31/2021
T. Weston donated $5 on 3/31/2021
Queen Jackson donated $25 on 3/31/2021
This is in honor of my two LGBTQ cousins, Gwen Booze and Karen Anderson who tirelessly work in local, state, and federal elections.
April Stirling donated $50 on 3/31/2021
In honor of Madeleine and her sisters; my social justice warriors
Bartosz Kumor donated $100 on 3/25/2021
Arnetta Murray donated $20 on 3/24/2021
For those who are afraid to speak out.
KK_the_Fox donated $1 on 3/24/2021
Cheryl Lynn Henry donated $25 on 3/24/2021
I appreciate CCA. Great way to become involved in politics.
by Anonymous donated $10 on 3/17/2021
Taticasejuana N Stevens donated $25 on 3/17/2021
Muriel Medlock donated $25 on 3/10/2021
I dedicate this to my hero, my dad, Ed Johnson
Stacey Matthews donated $25 on 3/10/2021
We've had a great impact but there is still much work to be done!
Deborah D James donated $25 on 3/10/2021
Thank God for helping ALL your People!!
by Anonymous donated $10 on 3/10/2021
Colleen Costello donated $5 on 3/10/2021
Sorry it's so small but I'm medically poor. I'll try to save more for us!