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In times of adversity, the need for stability, skill-building and connection are even more critical, yet more challenging to attain. Will you join us in creating a safe, welcoming environment for our neighbors to access essential resources during this challenging time? 

Increased barriers of the past year add to the existing challenges of becoming self-sufficient.  Your support ensures that women experiencing homelessness and trauma are able to receive case management and female-focused care, that adult learners have access to individual lessons and educational resources, and that refugee and immigrant newcomers are met with the tools and network to navigate life in a new country.

Through meaningful connections and newfound hope formed at the Catherine McAuley Center, these clients put in the hard word to attain self-sufficiency this year:  

Skill-building saved Rebecca’s business!                                                                                                                                                             

After the pandemic disrupted operations for her child care business, Rebecca faced many barriers to obtaining resources for her daycare  in an online world. In the Refugee Child Care Program, many of the providers struggled to navigate virtual certification classes with no prior computer use, and English being their second language. Rebecca received technology literacy support at CMC, and now she applies her improved computer skills to help other refugee child care providers as they too build self-sufficiency for their businesses! 

Veronica gained stability and became a U.S. citizen!                                                                                                                                               

At the start of the pandemic, Education Services shifted classes online to ensure that students like Veronica could continue lessons while staying safe and connected. Veronica continued weekly lessons with her tutor Audrey to prepare for the U.S Citizenship exam. After passing the exam this summer, she attended her naturalization ceremony in September, and immediately sent a text to the student group chat saying, “Thanks for everything you guys did for me. I just got out of my American citizenship ceremony!” 

Meaningful connections lead Ramona to a new home and improved health!          

When the derecho displaced Transitional Housing residents from their living facilities at CMC, Ramona stepped up as a peer mentor, welcoming the women into other CMC housing units while the Center was renovated. By connecting with other residents, Ramona has been able to stabilize her mental health, saying, “when I help others, I help myself… I’ve never been out of the hospital this long.” Through meaningful connections developed in the housing programs at the Catherine McAuley Center over the last 5 years, Ramona has developed self-sufficiency and recently moved into her own apartment!

At the Catherine McAuley Center, clients, staff, and volunteers work FORWARD TOGETHER to build each other up, and form lasting connections that promote independence and stability. With your help, we can continue FORWARD TOGETHER to support even more clients on their journeys to building brighter futures. 

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