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Derecho Storm Recovery

The Cedar Rapids community was devastated by the August 10th derecho storm, leaving most of the City with severe damage, a widespread power outage, and limited access to essential resources, thus causing a serious humanitarian crisis. Our new Center suffered severe water and roof damage and will require intensive renovations. To support the needs of our community during this crisis, CMC staff transitioned our former location into a temporary shelter for those who have been displaced by the storm, many who are refugee families. Your support will allow us to operate and supply this new initiative, and give 50 Iowans a place to call home.
   Recent Activity
by Anonymous donated $50 on 9/22/2020
Albert Lin donated $104.12 on 9/20/2020
by Anonymous donated $26.31 on 9/19/2020
by Anonymous donated $52.25 on 9/17/2020
Riverside Trinity Methodist Church donated $100 on 9/16/2020
by Anonymous donated $52.25 on 9/15/2020
Melinda C donated $100 on 9/13/2020
Meryn Fluker donated $52.25 on 9/13/2020
Robert Tate donated $25 on 9/12/2020
Godspeed to all of you as you work together to get through this.
Ann Werner donated $1000 on 9/12/2020
Edward K donated $67.81 on 9/11/2020
by Anonymous donated $104.12 on 9/11/2020
Grace Sanchez donated $100 on 9/11/2020
Meghan Riden donated $1000 on 9/11/2020
These funds were collected through the drive with the Emerging Communities Crisis Coalition to assist the African refugee families displaced
Michael E donated $104.12 on 9/11/2020
David N donated $104.12 on 9/10/2020
by Anonymous donated $250 on 9/9/2020