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20-20-20 CLF Fundraiser

Fundraising global stats: 72% left

Amount raised: $11,954

Amount left: $31,046

For the past 20 years, the Cutaneous Lymphoma Foundation (CLF) has been uniting and providing strength to patients around the world affected by this rare disease through their free programs and services. To celebrate, the CLF will kick off the 20-20-20 global online fundraising campaign, asking people from around the world to band together, raise awareness, and support the CLF’s invaluable programs. 

20-20-20 - It's so simple to participate. Just three steps! 

When you sign on as a fundraising partner, we’ll send you a simple step-by-step guide to create your own personal donation weblink, then upload your selfie, personal story or message, and voilà —you're ready to fundraise! It's really that easy! Most importantly, the final step is to send the link asking 20 of your family and friends to each donate $20 to support the CLF because it’s so important to you, as well as many others.

Why Should You Join Our 20-20-20 Campaign?

Participating in the 20-20-20 Campaign is one of the best ways to unite the cutaneous lymphoma community worldwide. Whether you have been a direct recipient of CLF’s services or you know someone who has, knowing there is a patient advocacy organization exclusively dedicated to improving the lives of patients with cutaneous lymphoma is incredibly reassuring. Your efforts will not go unnoticed as it will also help promote awareness of this rare disease among your circle of friends and family!

   Recent Activity
Jack Patrikus donated $50 on 9/23/2018
Alice E Tolsma donated $50 on 9/22/2018
For Richard.
John McMenamin donated $25 on 9/22/2018
Peggy R donated $120 on 9/22/2018
MARGARET F KACZYK donated $40 on 9/21/2018
Thanks for all you do! It helps us enormously.
Peggy donated $20 on 9/20/2018
Sue, You inspire so many. Have a very Happy Birthday!!
by Anonymous donated $50 on 9/20/2018
Diane donated $20 on 9/20/2018
Olivia Tawa donated $20 on 9/20/2018
Keep up the amazing work that you do! Love you!!!
Mary Ellen Newcomb donated $20 on 9/20/2018
Robin Schanzenbach donated $100 on 9/20/2018
Thank you for existing
Jack I Marshall donated $250 on 9/20/2018
Doing great work !!
Mary Ann Dundon donated $25 on 9/19/2018
Karen Steketee donated $20 on 9/19/2018
The Balcom Famiky donated $60 on 9/19/2018
You do great work, Susan!
marygracefpg donated $20 on 9/18/2018
by Anonymous donated $20 on 9/18/2018
Sherry donated $20 on 9/18/2018
by Anonymous donated $50 on 9/18/2018
The Grube Family donated $60 on 9/18/2018
Happy Birthday Susan! Continued Blessings in the coming year!!!
by Anonymous donated $20 on 9/17/2018
For all the help and hope the foundation gives to those with CTCL.
by Anonymous donated $100 on 9/17/2018
Lynn Bennett donated $20 on 9/15/2018
Maria Lanaro donated $20 on 9/15/2018
God Bless you mom always.
by Anonymous donated $15 on 9/15/2018