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Cleaning for a Reason is the nonprofit that provides FREE house cleaning services to cancer patients.

We partner with more than 1,200 residential cleaning companies throughout the United States and Canada to provide these free cleanings to cancer patients—any woman, man, or child in active treatment for any type of cancer qualifies for services. When matched with a company, the patient receives a total of two cleanings, that’s one cleaning per month up to two months.

Since 2006, our cleaning partners have served more than 37,000 cancer patients and donated more than $12 million in house cleaning.

Cleaning for a Reason also works with companies and organizations that are interested in fundraising for our cause as well as bringing their staff together for a day of cleaning for cancer patients. We invite any group to work with our nonprofit to be a good neighbor.

In 2017, Cleaning for a Reason was adopted by ISSA Charities, the charitable arm of ISSA, The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association. We are now positioned to achieve our long-desired goal of outreach expansion. To learn more about Cleaning for a Reason and to apply for services, visit
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power on!
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I would like to pay back. I was able to get two cleanings while I was going thru surgery and chemo. It was invaluable to me.
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On behalf of my super supervisor at Patient Advocate Foundation Copay Relief Program, Ms Shaunda!!!
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A donation in honor of the amazing caregiving of Carol A. DeWeese
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