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China Call, Inc.

China Call teams reach out to the children, youth and familes of Asia and seek to empower the Chinese church. We are committed to demonstrating the love of God through school outreaches, camps, professional and educational seminars, and aid.
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New Life Camps reach out to bless underprivileged Chinese children who have little to no opportunity to experience camp. Most live in very poor conditions, go to school in very poor conditions, and have little hope for a bright future.

Your gift of $88 provides:

- A few days to step away from the challenges of their everyday lives
- Fun activities such as crafts, sports, games and songs

- A few wholesome meals and snacks they may not have at home

Love, joy, and hope, which empowers them to realize their potential in life and their ability to be a blessing to others

While meal options for children attending our New Life Camps may be unstable at home, China Call has a chance to be able to provide full meals while they are with us.
A $25 gift can provide up to 13 children with:

A full Chinese meal including rice, vegetables, and a protein for their time at camp.

The nutrition to participate fully in our activities and be alert for our classes.

The children we serve at camp in China don't have many things to call their own. Our goal is to send them home with a backpack containing supplies they can use on their own or for future schooling.
Your $25 gift of a backpack bundle will provide for:

A child's backpack containing notebooks, pencils, pencil sharpener, scissors, a folder, glue and other resources for their learning.