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Maryanne Williams donated $200 on 3/19/2019
In honor of Kate and Harry McCoy
by Anonymous donated $1 on 3/11/2019
Derek Reynolds donated $1000 on 3/10/2019
Jeremy was my cousin and his loss has been immeasurable. He was uniquely talented, both in athletics and intellect. He is sorely missed.
Elizabeth & Steven Reed donated $100 on 3/9/2019
We will always love you, Jeremy!
Martha Ann Stallings donated $100 on 3/5/2019
Kelly Stephens donated $10 on 3/2/2019
Wayne E donated $1200 on 3/1/2019
William Hendricks donated $500 on 2/23/2019
Brian Lambert donated $1360 on 2/22/2019
Susan V donated $100 on 2/10/2019
We love the Catholic Faith TV. We watch it all the time, since my Dad is homebound, and my Mom cannot get out to church much. Thank you. God