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To vindicate the wrongfully convicted.

Centurion was the first organization in the world dedicated to the vindication of the wrongly convicted. Since 1983, we have freed 63 men and women who were serving life or death sentences for crimes they did not commit. We take on the hard cases, the ones others leave behind. We re-investigate all aspects of the crime in pursuits to free the innocent. The people we work for are indigent from years of exhausted appeals and lost funds. Centurion bears all costs of their work and is a 501 (c)3 organization. We are almost always the last hope. The only hope.

...who we are...
Founded in Princeton, NJ, in 1983, Centurion was the first organization in the world established to free men and women imprisoned for someone else’s crime. Centurion takes on the most challenging cases of those  accused of rape or murder and sentenced to death or life in prison. We fight to exonerate when there is no DNA evidence. We have freed 63 wrongfully accused, convicted and incarcerated men and women in our 36 years. Centurion is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) based in Princeton, NJ.
...what we do...
We conduct comprehensive investigations, which often uncover lost or hidden evidence, expose bad witness identifications and reveal false confessions. We locate and interview witnesses who testified for both the prosecution and the defense. We provide investigative and legal support, engage experts when needed, and navigate the court system on behalf of our clients. Post-release, we support our clients as they re-enter society, helping them meet basic needs and achieve a level of stability. All of our investigative, legal, and post-release services are provided free of charge, though the average cost to exonerate an innocent person and help them rebuild their lives is $350,000.
Centurion is almost always the last hope – the only hope – for the innocent in prison.
...what we need...
Centurion receives an average of 1,500 requests for help each year and is currently developing over 150 cases. We rely on generous donors like you to secure freedom and help exonerees get back on their feet. Your investment enables Centurion to investigate claims of innocence, pursue exonerations, and provide post-release support services. We cannot do this work without you.