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What will my donation to Catie's Closet mean?
$25 means five students can feel clean and fresh with new toiletries.
$50 provides new basics to ten students who need them the most.
$100 puts new shoes and new basics in the hands of three students.
$250 gives hope through a week of clothing for five students in need.
   Recent Activity
Constance M donated $10 on 2/4/2019
HPE Storage Division - Krista Guaraldi donated $500 on 1/30/2019
Karen F donated $25 on 1/28/2019
Chuck and Joanne Yestramski donated $259.72 on 1/20/2019
by Anonymous donated $52.23 on 1/19/2019
Keep up the great work!
Friends at Phony Football - Westford, MA donated $200 on 1/9/2019
by Anonymous donated $104.1 on 12/31/2018
Michael P donated $50 on 12/31/2018
Michael P donated $100 on 12/31/2018
Jim and Donna Murray donated $500 on 12/31/2018
Sharon Belanger donated $50 on 12/30/2018
PIZZUTI PHOTOGRAPHY donated $800 on 12/20/2018
Thank you to all those that came out to our santa photos Thanks giving weekend!
Ariane donated $50 on 12/19/2018
Jennifer M donated $259.72 on 12/16/2018