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Central American Relief Efforts

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Evelyn and Howard Eckstein donated $100 on 4/9/2021
Ian Hodge donated $100 on 4/8/2021
Dr. Dan has been a Godsend for CARE from the very beginning. His Board participation and the annual Golf Outing will be sorely missed.
Janet Masland donated $200 on 4/8/2021
Thanks for your years of supporting CARE and for your care of your Honduran patients. It has always been fun working with you. Jan Masland
Dave Hines donated $200 on 4/6/2021
Thank you Dan! Your tireless efforts, generosity and the kindness you have shown to the people of Honduras is an inspiration to us all.
Michael & Tricia W donated $250 on 12/30/2020
Donald & Debra Young donated $100 on 12/27/2020
Andrew Payne donated $200 on 12/24/2020
in honor of Marion & Jim Goodrich donated $100 on 12/20/2020
H Zane Brown donated $500 on 12/18/2020
by Anonymous donated $250 on 12/17/2020
John and Martha Barry donated $100 on 12/15/2020
Joe and Bonnie Lundy donated $150 on 12/11/2020
Tom & Cindy Kahler donated $100 on 12/8/2020
John & Joey Mullineaux donated $500 on 12/8/2020
by Anonymous donated $200 on 11/6/2020
Randall Justice & Cheryl Zook Justice donated $3300 on 9/29/2020
Given in honor of our dear friend Andy Appel. Please use the money to feed those who are hungry.