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The Fund for Sandwich. Preserving the best of Sandwich for generations to come.
The oldest town on Cape Cod, Sandwich is the first impression for those who traverse the bridge from the mainland. Among its historic lanes lies a town that glass built. Its miles of coastal marsh trails, picturesque ponds and cranberry bogs change throughout the seasons, providing a backdrop to our quaint village homes and businesses. Sandwich is a vacation destination for many, but for the 20,000 year-round residents, it is also our cherished home.

As fortunate as we are to live here, we know there are challenges for countless members of our community. Many struggle with low-income jobs, a scarcity of affordable housing and limited opportunities that make living on Cape Cod difficult. These challenges continue despite the best efforts of many.

Inspired by the challenges our town faces, a group of Sandwich residents and community leaders has established The Fund for Sandwich. The mission of the Fund is to preserve what we love about Sandwich for the benefit of generations to come by promoting community philanthropy and responsive, informed grantmaking. The Fund for Sandwich will champion an easy, effective and proven way for each of us to help build a sustainable, permanent endowment to support the needs of our community now and in perpetuity.

Our goal is to grant resources into the community to support initiatives that impact a wide range of challenges facing our community, such as:

- human/elder services
- educational and cultural enrichment
- conservation issues

While meeting short term needs, these grants will also be long-term investments in our community’s overall health.
For more information about The Fund for Sandwich and how you can help, please contact The Cape Cod Foundation: 508-790-3040,  |

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Tom and Donna Rockwell donated $156 on 2/4/2019
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Lou Cerrone donated $104 on 1/28/2019
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