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Kathy Dean donated $104 on 12/6/2019
Platinum Auto Service, Inc. donated $1215.59 on 12/5/2019
Funds raised from Platinum Auto Service's "Brakes for Breasts" Promotion in October 2019.
Ellen Cliggott donated $104 on 12/2/2019
Jay G donated $35 on 11/25/2019
ERGO Grips donated $260 on 11/18/2019
Thank you for your dedication to Military families.
David Sheinkopf donated $50 on 11/18/2019
Deanne Schaumburg donated $104 on 11/13/2019
In Honor of Lew Stern Pay It Forward Initiative donated $104 on 11/11/2019
by Anonymous donated $104 on 10/29/2019
Sheryl K donated $5200 on 9/27/2019
by Anonymous donated $78 on 9/11/2019
Happy to donate to such a lovely cause, only wish I could give more.
Barbara A Cognetta donated $78 on 9/5/2019
To honor the memory of Nicholas Xiarhos who made the ultimate sacrifice by giving his life for our country.
Catherine L donated $104 on 8/30/2019
Catherine Lanteri donated $104 on 8/26/2019
Beanstock Coffee Roasters donated $1040 on 8/9/2019
Catherine L donated $104 on 7/31/2019
Ward Turko Family donated $280.8 on 7/2/2019
Happy 70th Birthday, Mom! You are forever in our hearts and supporting grads entering the nursing/medical fields of higher education.
Supporting The Lew Stern Pay-It-Forward Initiative donated $104 on 6/26/2019
Morgan donated $20.8 on 6/8/2019
Ellen Cliggott donated $104 on 6/4/2019
Mr and Mrs John H Godley donated $104 on 5/31/2019
Kelly A. Stimson donated $260 on 5/20/2019
Grace, Anna & Sheila Meagher donated $104 on 5/8/2019
Janis and Stephen Barrow donated $104 on 4/30/2019
We must combat the scourge of Anti-Semitism
The Cape House, Katie Clancy donated $500 on 4/26/2019