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$40K in 40 days to upgrade and expand our sports facilities!

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Camp Kinderland may be ahead of the times in our progressive thinking, but our athletic facilities are badly outdated! Help us raise 40K to upgrade and weatherproof our sports and waterfront equipment, expand our offerings, and continue to provide a unique education in social justice! 

“Everything I know about morality and the obligations of men, I owe it to football (soccer).” ― Albert Camus

Tucked away in the Berkshire mountains of Western Massachusetts, Kinderland is a lot like a typical sleepaway camp: our campers play sports, swim, hike and camp in our pristine forests, and engage in arts, drama, music and dance...

But unique to Camp Kinderland is our ninety-five year history and the education we provide in social justice, human rights and peace and conflict resolution through workshops and song. Our campers sleep in bunks named after people who embody our values, such as Joe HillHarriet TubmanMorris Rosenfeld and Pablo Neruda. We stage musicals in the Paul Robeson Playhouse and eat dinner in the Pete Seeger dining hall. Our values are integrated into our programming… sports included! Instead of color wars, we form teams for the week-long Peace Olympics. Each team represents people and movements that embody our values, such as the Suffrage movement, the 1912 Bread and Roses Strike, La Asociación de Madres de la Plaza de Mayo, and Ida B. Wells.

Our campers love to participate in a range of competitive and non-competitive co-ed sports. This fundraiser will help us improve and expand our offerings, and continue to provide campers with athletic opportunities in a friendly and equitable environment. Our goal is to weatherproof and upgrade our equipment so as to provide the best possible experience for our campers, and to save money on repairs in the long run.  This year, we are raising money for:

  • A re-sculpted softball field

  • New bleachers

  • New boats and lifejackets for our waterfront

  • Lines and buoys for swim areas and lanes

  • A badminton court

  • A bocce court

  • Weatherproof equipment storage bins

A Legacy of Sports Activism!
Did you know that one of the greatest athletes of all time, Joe Lillard, was the sports director at Kinderland for one year in 1975? Many years before Colin Kaepernick took a knee to highlight injustices, Joe Lillard blazed a trail for equality.  He played professional football (one of the African Americans to break the color line in that sport) and was a fine player in the Negro Leagues. Look him up, you'll be amazed! Joe was around 70 years old when he worked with us and was quite beloved at camp. Help us honor our sports legacy with a donation to help us upgrade our fields.
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The Peoples Music Network is now coming to Camp Kinderland every summer on the first weekend in June. We have fallen in love with the camp!
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...and if you don't love doing sports you can still sing and dance. In grateful memory of Edith Segal who set me on my life's path.
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Kinderland you brought joy and wonderful development to my wonderful child, Ben (formerly Maggie) Rosen-Filardo. Everlastingly thankful.
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Looking forward to Summer 2018 at Kinderland!
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Your work is very important!
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For Jordan
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sorry i missed the matching funds window. always happy to support Camp K