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Camp Kinderland Camper Scholarships

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At Camp Kinderland, we envision a world where all people live in peace, with economic, racial, and social justice; where children thrive in inclusive, nurturing communities that honor their individual strengths and promote collective responsibility. Kinderland’s summer programming and year-round activities integrate progressive values with arts, recreation, and activism in a compassionate and caring environment.

Since 1923, Camp Kinderland has provided scholarships for families in need so that cost is not a barrier, and any child can experience our “Summer Camp with a Conscience”. Because so many of our camper families receive some tuition support in the form of scholarships, nurturing the progressive thinkers and leaders of tomorrow would be impossible without your generous contributions.

Camper scholarships offset tuition expenses in order to allow kids who wouldn't otherwise have such opportunities to experience camp, to get out of the city, to be in nature, and to make long-lasting friendships. The sleepaway camp experience allows children to gain independence, think critically, develop their sense of self, and meet people from all over the world. It is an experience that stays with you for a lifetime, and we believe it should not be cost-prohibitive. 

We are starting with a goal of raising $30,000 by May 31st. The average cost of a week of camp is about $1000 and many camper families get partial tuition support covering anywhere from one to several weeks of camp. So what does 30 camper weeks look like?
30 camper weeks looks like...
~Pure joy for one whole week for 30 giggling twelve year olds, or...
~A full bunk of nine year olds tasting independence for the first time during the two-week introductory session, or...
~Enough time for four 2nd Year CITs to work closely with younger campers and observe older staff to become confident first-year counselors...

But why stop there? If we can make it to $40,000 or even $50,000 by May 31st, think of the possibilities! 

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I truly regret I don't have more money to donate.
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Go Camp Kinderland!
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I wear my Kinderland history proudly & loudly. I hope the Chris Nelson fund grows fat in time for this coming camp season.
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Happy to support this amazing place and all the work you do, Ileana!
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Ruby was a great friend of Camp Kinderland.. He will be missed.
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Donation to an important cause and great camp!
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