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Burien Actors Theatre

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by Anonymous donated $20 on 10/17/2020
Looking forward to the play!
by Anonymous donated $50 on 10/11/2020
Lance Bowman donated $275 on 10/11/2020
Kathy McNeill donated $275 on 10/11/2020
betsey. page donated $40 on 10/5/2020
Gary P Long donated $1000 on 10/1/2020
This is the third payment of the $3,000 pledge to be matched by a Board fund-rainser. I hope the Board fund-raiser is successful.
Tricia Navarre donated $25 on 10/1/2020
Best of luck, BAT! You've got a great new team member in Conwell Dickey!
Benita Buchanan donated $30 on 9/27/2020
Scott E. Gifford donated $2000 on 9/25/2020
John & Jan Mantle donated $12 on 9/24/2020
Jennifer Torrence donated $20 on 9/12/2020
Frances Schopick donated $350 on 9/4/2020
Gary Long donated $1000 on 8/27/2020
This donation is the second of three to support a matching campaign. I sent $1,000 earlier in August. I will complete my $3K plege Oct.1st
Anonymous donated $50 on 8/13/2020
Hang in there BAT; we’ll make it through this! Thanks for all you’ve done to keep great theatre alive in Burien!
Gary Long and Rudy Saavedra donated $1000 on 7/31/2020
Let's Join together to save the BAT for its new opening in 2022!
GAry P Lonng donated $500 on 6/9/2020
Thank you for more than 50 years of wonderful, community based theater.. Burien and Highline would be hollowed if not for your presence.
Rachael and Phillip Levine donated $50 on 5/10/2020
Glad to be able to support and enjoy BAT during this crisis.
Scott Barker donated $200 on 5/6/2020
Constance A Walker donated $50 on 5/3/2020
Christine Schofield donated $100 on 4/15/2020
Just so you know, this is in memory of Peggy Hunt
Emily R donated $20 on 4/11/2020
Maureen C donated $200 on 3/28/2020
Jennifer T donated $10 on 3/22/2020