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Build a School in Burma

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DANIEL KIPP donated $50 on 9/14/2020
Internet search in 2013, called founder., donated for a school, then volunteered to help. Have been active ever since.
john w donated $105 on 7/19/2020
Continue the wonderful work!
Mark Barmore & Barbara Bock donated $525 on 7/19/2020
Cassandra H donated $52.5 on 7/14/2020
I travelled Myanmar and fell in love with it. Worked with Food Not Bombs Yangon and wanted to find an educational charity to donate to.
Bob Wolvington donated $200 on 7/9/2020
Contribution for Flora's preschool.
Nancy Cornwell donated $500 on 7/7/2020
This donation is for Flora's Preschool.
Rose Cornwell donated $150 on 6/3/2020
Donation for Flor's School
Sally Mead donated $105 on 4/10/2020
Hey Bob, thanks for transferring $75 to Maa Snow/Meikswe Myanmar to go for their work and the remaining $25 to BSB. More to come!!
Keith Scott donated $525 on 3/15/2020
Charles Luke
Woody J donated $36.75 on 3/7/2020
a dear friend Glenn Andrews is Burmese and I was reminded of the program . I was a Peace Corps in Ethiopia
Simant Ajmera donated $26.25 on 2/22/2020
Mary Mocas and Marv Tseu donated $500 on 2/9/2020
In honor of Casey and Jack Carsten
Simant Ajmera donated $26.25 on 2/8/2020
Liz donated $50 on 2/7/2020
Happy heavenly Birthday to Ellis ❤️
Don and Misty Jones donated $100 on 2/7/2020
From my FAC - Favorite Aunt Casey. Casey Carsten. Donation in memory of her father and my grandfather H. Ellis Jones.