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Gerry Segal donated $20 on 12/13/2019
Carrie Elston tunick donated $200.42 on 12/3/2019
Elizabeth Elston donated $500.53 on 12/3/2019
Bernard S donated $35 on 11/16/2019
Archer Elementary- 3rd Grade donated $150 on 10/28/2019
We have a wonderful time and Amber was awesome! My students learned so much and were super excited to learn all about how they can help!
Michaela D donated $90 on 10/16/2019
Michaela D donated $10 on 10/16/2019
Christopher Saporita donated $15 on 10/15/2019
Linda R. Cox and John G. Robinson donated $5002.2 on 10/15/2019
by Anonymous donated $50.37 on 10/2/2019
Tom Brande donated $25.36 on 9/20/2019
Everyone deserves to have a connection to the environment. And New York only has 1 freshwater river! Keep up the great work, team!
Diane Guernsey and Paul Gross donated $100.39 on 9/20/2019
In honor of Justine McClellan for her outstanding work as a climate pioneer and teacher
Marge & Walter Lipson donated $200 on 9/16/2019
David & Robbie Bent donated $100.39 on 9/6/2019
Jack Mclaughlin donated $100 on 9/5/2019
SASE WORLD INC. donated $20.36 on 8/18/2019
We are “Students About Saving the Environment” (SASE World Inc.), we care about the environment/ world and support all positive initiatives.
Norma and Art donated $50 on 8/15/2019
Another great BR history trek with Steve. Looking forward to the next!!
Elizabeth B donated $3001.46 on 8/10/2019
For the Soiree
Elizabeth A. Parry donated $40 on 7/28/2019