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Yael, 7 yrs old, lives in Ashdod with her 4 siblings. Every day she comes to school and dreads the 10:00 a.m. lunch break. Yael usually does not have a sandwich. Occasionally she takes turns with her siblings, each one getting lunch on alternating days in the week. On the day that it's not her turn, she goes through the school day feeling a rumbling in her stomach, as it craves the food she does not have to feed it.  

Yael and her siblings are always hungry. And then the Gabbay in Ashdod called us.

"Please add Ashdod as a distribution site so we can feed the poor children like Yael basic lunch “ pleaded the Gabbay.

Children, like Yael, go to sleep on an empty stomach, hoping that the morning will bring with it a filling meal. Such requests pour in daily from gabbayim and families.

Chanukah to us represents joy, parties, family gatherings and gifts.  To thousands of children in Israel, Chanuka will just be another week with little or no food.

You can change that.  You can know that while you’re celebrating Chanuka here, you are providing food to a hungry child.  Go ahead and enjoy Chanuka more knowing you are making a difference for a poor child.

You, together with Bread For Israel,  will feed fresh bread to the hungry children every day of  Chanuka.  These are true loaves of love. The best Chanuka gift you’ll be giving this year guaranteed!

It's about giving security to a childlike Yael that she doesn't need to worry about what to eat during this Chanukah because  YOU have her covered.

 "Hey, I see Yael smiling because you are giving her and many poor like her what to eat this Chanukah.".

Go ahead!   Make an impact this Chanukah. Sponsor Yael and the other poor children now.

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