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Gregory Astrachan and Jacqueline Clements donated $350 on 5/26/2020
Cristopher Greer
by Anonymous donated $200 on 5/24/2020
This is influenced by David Li.
Judith and Jeffrey R Poss donated $350 on 5/22/2020
Cris Greer
Grace Pilcer, Ph.D. donated $500 on 5/19/2020
Thomas J Henry donated $1000 on 5/19/2020
Amelia C donated $1000 on 5/18/2020
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Danielle S donated $500 on 5/15/2020
Cristopher Greer
Tom O'Connell donated $100 on 5/14/2020
Melissa & Serge Benchetrit donated $1000 on 5/14/2020
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Matthew Rizzo and Melissa Hutson donated $1000 on 5/14/2020
by Anonymous donated $1000 on 5/14/2020
Louisa Holland & Stephen Rinehart donated $1000 on 5/14/2020
Geoffrey Hess donated $50 on 5/14/2020
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Jason Pearl donated $100 on 5/14/2020
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Ellen M Cohen donated $250 on 5/14/2020
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Lynn Mestel donated $500 on 5/14/2020
David Fawer
Russell Gimelstob donated $1000 on 5/14/2020
In honor of David Fawer
Melissa and David Simon donated $250 on 5/13/2020
David and Willa Fawer
Ellen & Steve Wilner donated $1000 on 5/13/2020
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Andrew F donated $50 on 5/13/2020
Eileen Guilfoyle and David Moody donated $5000 on 5/13/2020
Eric N. donated $250 on 5/5/2020
Congrats to Salimatou Barry, CCNY '20! It was a pleasure meeting Salimatou during the Virtual Career Event. Well-done on a punchy resume!