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What is an Orphan Hosting Program? BLOOM's hosting programs invite orphaned children from other countries to come to America for 4 weeks-8 weeks. During this time, the child experiences the love of Christ through a Christian family who exemplifies Him while living together in their home. In addition, through family time together, children quickly develop a basic understanding and use of the English language. In turn, they develop a higher self-esteem and a feeling of accomplishment in many ways! 
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by Anonymous donated $10.3 on 5/29/2017
May God bless all of you on this hosting journey
David Simonsen donated $465.56 on 5/28/2017
Olga Poland
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This address is the one shown on their check and not the one in their account. I wasn't able to change this.
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He is so lucky to have time with such a great family:)
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