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Tim Egan donated $50 on 3/23/2017
Bird note puts a smile on my face every morning while I drive to work!
Karen Anderson donated $20 on 2/24/2017
Listened to BirdNote on Northwest Public Radio. How fun! Now, in the Midwest, I listen via the internet. Thank you!
Judith Wheeler donated $10 on 2/21/2017
I have been a listner from the very beginning - Thanks for all the enjoyment over the years. I have been telling everyone I know, and some
Alison Highberger donated $50 on 2/21/2017
Happy Birthday, BirdNote!
Leslie G donated $50 on 2/6/2017
Thanks for telling us about the amazing world of birds!
Wendy donated $50 on 1/12/2017
BirdNote brings joy to my day and educates me about these fascinating creatures!
Kathy Minsch donated $50 on 1/1/2017
Thank you Bird Note for daily raising awareness about birds and their habitat!
Kit Ellis donated $120 on 1/1/2017
In memory of Idie.
Adam Sedgley donated $1500 on 12/31/2016
Keep birds on (and *in*) the air!
Janet and Kelby donated $75 on 12/30/2016
In honor of Tom Darden's birthday!
Deborah Jacobsen donated $250 on 12/30/2016
There's more joy in my life because of Bird Note, and it's a daily reminder to take care of our environment.
Wolfe Tone donated $300 on 12/28/2016
In memory of our dad and his love of birds, and as thanks to my brother, Jerry, for his commitment to BirdNote.
Veer Frost donated $25 on 12/27/2016
Happy to see renowned naturalist and Vermonter Bryan Pfeiffer on your stellar writing team!
Mary Huff donated $50 on 12/23/2016
Merry Christmas to my Dad! ILYM!
Laura C donated $250 on 12/19/2016
BirdNote has changed how I view the world around me and has helped me connect with others that love birds too!
Kathy Wells & Matt Werderber donated $50 on 12/18/2016
Recently moved from Alaska where I heard bird note every day on NPR. In Idaho I have to listen online. Love the show. Keep up the good work
by Anonymous donated $120 on 12/11/2016
To always remember all that birds do for us.
Macon and Caren Sizemore donated $50 on 12/10/2016
In honor of the great work of Sallie Bodie and the enduring quest for "Where's Marty?"
by Anonymous donated $120 on 12/9/2016
We love BirdNote! Thank you!
kathryn alexandra donated $100 on 12/4/2016
love birdnote