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   Recent Activity
Justin M donated $519.12 on 5/24/2020
MeLinda Schnyder donated $249.37 on 5/16/2020
Tara donated $10.74 on 5/6/2020
Barney & Lois Rahal donated $249.37 on 4/28/2020
Thank you for the great benefit your providing to our community!
by Anonymous donated $52.25 on 4/13/2020
Your emails and FB posts are always so upbeat and encouraging! Thank you! This donation is in honor of Jane Byrnes and Barbara Coats :)
Matt and Kat Lee donated $249.37 on 3/29/2020
Thank you for all you do!
Rigo Suave donated $124.87 on 3/17/2020
Yours is one of the most unique organizations I've had the pleasure to volunteer for.
Shelley D donated $26.31 on 3/9/2020
Rigo Ramos donated $10.74 on 3/7/2020
Glad to be involved in an organization that gives so much to the community.
Eric & Shawn donated $52.25 on 2/23/2020
by Anonymous donated $52.25 on 2/22/2020
Denise D Phillips donated $26.31 on 2/21/2020
Our community is important to me, thanks for all that you do for us all.
Nina Porter donated $21.12 on 2/20/2020
Tom Thibault donated $26.31 on 2/20/2020
Karen Thibault donated $26.31 on 2/20/2020
Angie Elliott donated $50 on 2/20/2020
Gary Vreeland donated $26.31 on 2/14/2020
Callyn W donated $124.87 on 2/13/2020
Roger & Janet Shurtz donated $50 on 2/12/2020
Heather P donated $26.31 on 2/11/2020
Scott Knebel donated $26.31 on 2/2/2020