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Roger Conley Smith
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Biking in the Bay Area can be an amazing experience. I've experienced the beauty of getting out and exploring the world and my abilities on two wheels with the wind blowing in my hair and endless roads in front of me. I've also experienced the failings of poor or nonexistent cycling infrastructure first hand when a motorist hit my head-on in 2019. Unlike other tragic stories, I was not horrifically injured and had a quick recovery. 

But thoughtful infrastructure for all road users is possible! The number of bicyclists has grown exponentially during the pandemic and has highlighted the need for safer roads for all. This is why I'm fundraising - I know that the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition is working to make the changes during the pandemic permanent and driving our local municipalities to consider cyclists and all road users in future development plans to make our home an even better place to bike.

Join me in helping ensure a strong cycling future for us, our loved ones, and the future generations of road users to come!