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If you know me, you know I love to ride my bike! I'm not a super strong bicyclist, so I'm usually biking to public transit or biking to nearby places like the grocery store or post office. But every ride counts! Every minute I'm on my bike, enjoying the breeze and listening to the birds sing, is a minute I'm not in my car, pounding the steering wheel and swearing at other drivers.

More importantly, every minute I'm on my bike is another minute I'm not emitting greenhouse gases.

I'm fundraising for SVBC because I care about the environment, I'm worried about the future, and I want you to join 

me. Show your support by making a donation to SVBC and investing in a bike-friendly future.

Do you ride your bike? Then chances are high that you've already benefitted from our work. If you ride in a protected bike lane or live in a city with a Bicycle/Pedestrian Master Plan, we've probably had a hand in shaping your city for the better.

A donation of $35 or more comes with a membership to SVBC! What's so great about membership?

  • The knowledge that you're contributing to a bike-friendly Silicon Valley
  • Discounts to local stores
  • You join a group of amazing and excited people working to make biking better
  • Access to our events
  • You're putting your money where your mouth is.

So join today!

(And, if you're a friend reading this... hi, I manage membership stuff, and I know you haven't donated yet, and I do think about it every day. Why hasn't this cool person donated to SVBC yet? Do they not really care about bike infrastructure in the Bay? Maybe they just suck. How do I change my messaging to convince them? Become someone who doesn't suck by donating to SVBC. I will personally bake you 2 dozen cookies, and you know I'm a good baker.)