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Join me as an SVBC member for a nominal $30 per year.

Why does membership matter?

Much like a bike, the bike movement is people-powered.

Think of riding your favorite bike. Even if it has a motor, it relies on you to pedal and keep it moving forward. The bike does its job, but it can’t do it without you and other members. More members = more bike advocacy power!

SVBC is a grassroots nonprofit community organization that cultivates connections with every governmental agency that influences local transportation.  SVBC has worked with BART, Caltrains, Caltrans, Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties and all municipalities within these counties.  SVBC is vigilantly aware of public agencies meetings when important transportation decisions will be made.  It makes sure the bicycle community is appropriately represented.

As an SVBC member, you are dialed into SVBC's network and alerted when your presence and your voice are needed to advocate for better and safer infrastructure. Let's make biking an available and viable clean transportation option.  It's better our health, our environment, and our communities.

What is SVBC doing?

In the last few years alone SVBC has…

  • Pushed for and supported the implementation of Vision Zero policies in cities including San Jose, Sunnyvale, and Daly City. ("Vision Zero" refers to zero bicycle and pedestrian injuries.)

  • Fought for and won increased funding for bike infrastructure in San Mateo County with Measure W and Santa Clara County with Measure B.

  • Taught thousands of workers and kids how to bike to and from work or school safely.

What’s SVBC doing next?

In the next year, your donation will support:

  • Ensuring biking remains accessible for all - recently, SVBC sent a letter to all 36 jurisdictions in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties with three top recommendations for safe streets during shelter in place. We will continue to work with these cities and counties to make sure these recommendations are put in place.

  • Getting more people (including new riders!) on bikes - through bike education, social rides (postponed during Shelter in Place, of course), and online activities, SVBC will continue to support getting more butts on bikes.

  • Working with local partners - SVBC is dedicated to working within our community. Right now we’re supporting Valley Verde by asking volunteers to deliver seedlings by bike. We will also continue to support public transit and work with partners to see how their social justice work intersects with ours.

  • Making Bike to Work Day more fun and impactful - every year, SVBC aims to make Bike to Work Day even more inclusive, fun, and far-reaching than the year before.

Biking in your city - SVBC educates local bike advocates through Local Teams and BPAC (Bicycle/Pedestrian Advisory Committee) training. We work closely with bike advocates to ensure that your hyperlocal needs are met, and you’re represented by the sharpest, bike-iest folks out there.

SVBC collects and makes available LOTS and LOTS of bicycle resources, including, but not limited to:

  • maps of bike trails and paths in the Bay Area
  • directory of other bicycle organizations
  • bicycle navigation apps
  • information on how to carry things by bike
  • List of current campaigns for safe and comfora

SVBC organizes the following events:

  • Bike to Work Day. An annual day to encourage workers in all nine Bay Area Counties to try bike commuting.  SVBC organizes the Energizer Stations that cheer on participants and offer refereshment.
  • Summit.  A gathering of active transportation leaders and organizer from government, the private sector, nonprofits, and the general public to share and exchange ideas...and to make valuable connections and contacts with other bicycle enthusiasts.