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Ehsaneh Sadr
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How do you want to get places? Would you like to be outside; happy that you're getting your exercise and contributing to a healthy planet; and confident that the infrastructure is there to make sure you (and your kids) are safe along the way?

That's the future I and my colleagues at the Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition are fighting for. We want to make sure that everyone - kids, moms, grandparents - can get to school, work, soccer games, and everywhere in between without being forced to rely on polluting cars. The only way to do that is to make sure we have the bike trails, separated bike lanes, and infrastructure to make it safe for all people headed to all places.

YOU can be a part of getting us there. Become a member with a donation of $35 or more so we can grow our numbers and ensure that city officials and transportation planners will build safe roads for ALL users, including bikers and pedestrians.

I’ve been working at the Bike Coalition for more than three years and can attest that you’ll never find a more passionate and hard-working group of people doing all they can to support the culture and infrastructure changes needed to get us to a more sustainable lifestyle.

I have a personal goal of recruiting 10 new members to SVBC in May. (But secretly, I’d really like to recruit 20 and beat all my colleagues!) Can you help?

Thanks for considering,