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Chelsea Biklen
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I'm Chelsea and I love to move my body!

I'm part of the SVBC team now, helping to create more bike-able communities and to identify, support, and encourage more empowered riders. 

Before I started working in the realm of Bicycle Transportation, I knew almost nothing about how to ride safely on streets, and was nervous every time I hopped on my bike....but I knew how much FUN it was to ride, and this is what kept me going. 

Now that I've had the privilege of learning how to ride safely on streets as a form of transportation and exercise and experienced how much it's improved my life, I want to help others experience the same. I'm here to spread the bike LOVE and support all who care to bring more biking into their lives. <3

At SVBC we believe that bikes make life better, and through our various programs, education, and advocacy work- we work to share the love and empowerment of biking to all who live, work, and play in San Mateo and Santa Clara counties, and make these places safer and more inviting to travel by bike.

I'm fundraising because I believe in creating a world where it's safer and more inviting to MOVE our bodies daily. What better way to incorporate movement, community engagement, outdoor time, and fun than into the way we travel around??

I'm fundraising because I love biking as a form of transportation, and I want everyone to be able to experience this same love if they so desire. I want all folks to feel safe, comfortable, confident, and joyful whilst riding a bike around their communities.