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As a competitive cyclist and bike commuter, I have first-hand knowledge of the quality of bicycling infrastructure in the Bay Area. SVBC is working hard to make bicycling safer for *all* cyclists.  This includes not just experienced, fit recreational cyclists, but also parents getting to work, kids trying to get to school, people shopping for groceries (like me!), and everyone that just wants to ride a bike because it's fun and is faster than walking.  But we need your help -- joining the SVBC makes you a visible part of the large community of cyclists in the Bay Area and shows that you care about safe cycling.  Not only does your tax-deductible membership donation help provide crucial financial support for the Coalition's mission, but your membership allows the staff to show policy planners, corporations, and government officials just how many potential cyclists will benefit from bicycle-friendly policies.

As a board member of the SVBC, my fellow board members and I volunteer to guide and support the hard working SVBC staff.  Collectively, our mission is to normalize bicycling and advocate for infrastructure, so that it will be safer for Bay Area residents to make >10% of their trips by bike.  Bold changes take steady, incremental effort, and I hope that you will join me by simply becoming an SVBC member!

SVBC’s Mission

Our purpose is to create a healthy community, environment, and economy through bicycling for people who live, work, or play in San Mateo and Santa Clara Counties. We envision a community that values, includes, and encourages bicycling for all purposes for all people. Our mission and vision cannot be achieved without making our cultural humility and social justice central to our work. 

What’s the spring membership drive and why does it matter?

Each year, thousands of people look forward to Bike to Work Day in May. It’s the day many people swing a leg over their bike for the first time and fall in love with bike commuting. It’s also a day where up to 25% of SVBC members join for the first time or renew their membership. Because Bike to Work Day is postponed this year, SVBC staff, board, members, and volunteers need to work extra hard to make the same sorts of connections to potential members via online platforms instead.


More members = more bike advocacy power!

What has SVBC accomplished?

In the last few years alone SVBC has…

  •  - Pushed for and supported the implementation of Vision Zero policies in cities including San Jose, Sunnyvale, and Daly City.
  •  - Fought for and won increased funding for bike infrastructure in San Mateo County with Measure W and Santa Clara County with Measure B.
  •  - Taught thousands of workers and kids how to bike to and from work or school safely.