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I love long bike rides - they make for great memories!

My parents took my on my first two week bike trip when I was 13. From that time on, that's what we'd do every summer - bike touring, usually for two weeks, through different regions in Germany. I have very fond memories of those trips and am very thankful for those experiences!

Hoping to instill the same love of biking in my children, who are already avid bikers here at home, I took my family to Germany last summer and we went on a one week bike tour from Munich to Venice, Italy. About 350+ miles through gorgeous country sides and bike paths and roads that we mostly did not have to share with cars - only with other cyclists! More great cycling memories.

In 2018, I participated in the AIDS/Lifecycle ride from San Francisco to LA. Preparing for that weeklong ride (544 miles!) meant that I had to do a lot of training rides here in the Bay Area - some of them on really busy roads, where I wished there was more protection for cyclists, if not via a dedicated bike path, then at least via a wider shoulder or other means of separation.

And this is just one of the reasons I appreciate the endless efforts of SVBC - their support of vision Zero for San Jose and other cities in the bay area, which among others is attempting to keep us cyclists safe.