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Deanna Chevas
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I am supporting Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition not just because I work there. Although, I work there for many of the same reasons I am fundraising for the organization.

I have been a daily bike commuter since moving to the San Francisco Bay Area 6 years ago. I have lived in a handful of cities on the peninsula during that time and worked at a few different places. Commuting by bike has not only saved me a lot of money, it has given me the opportunity to really get to know the places I lived and worked. I have mostly good experiences getting around by bike although I have had some concerns and noticed issues such as bike lanes simply ending, dumping me onto a busy street right before an intersection.

Finding SVBC, the only advocacy organization on the peninsula working to address bike safety and accessibility, was such a joy! Learning how much have have already done and the big goals they have to increase ridership by all people and for all purposes was both satisfying and inspiring. I finally felt there was someone on my side who understood the issues bike commuters face. Even better that they were hiring for a role that fit me.

On a more personal note...

Landing a job at Silicon Valley Bicycle Coalition last year was a stroke of amazing luck.

Here are some reasons why I am so grateful to be part of the SVBC team:

  • I get to do what I do well for an organization working to better the world
  • I get to advocate for something that affects me and that I care deeply about
  • I learn and grow constantly thanks to dynamic and thoughtful leadership
  • I am making a positive impact on my community while also getting paid
  • I get to work with incredibly smart and passionate people

I want SVBC to continue pursing its goals of safer streets, cleaner air, and more transportation options for all people. So, please join me by becoming a member of this great organization today!