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Biking is for Everyone

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Biking is for everyone! Cheer on your friends, family, and neighbors in their biking journey by encouraging them to join SVBC. SVBC offers free classes, workshops, and forums on biking, bicycle advocacy, and more! Support better biking in your community today.

A donation to SVBC fuels policy work, from organizing local advocates to pushing for safer bicycle infrastructure in your neighborhood, and programs work, where SVBC staff teach kids and adults alike how to bike safely from A to B. Whether or not you're a bicyclist, better biking helps us all - it reduces traffic, gets people outdoors, and creates a vibrant, healthy community.
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Shann E donated $52.25 on 5/7/2021
Susan Adleman donated $37.72 on 5/7/2021
Kevin Rarick donated $100 on 5/6/2021
Raayan Mohtashemi donated $26.31 on 5/5/2021
April Durrett donated $36.68 on 5/5/2021
Jen donated $100 on 5/5/2021
DT donated $78.18 on 5/4/2021
Let's continue to make our cities more bikeable!
Robert Olson and Tatiana Granoff donated $52.25 on 5/4/2021
Daniel Howard donated $35 on 5/4/2021
Rick Kitson donated $104.12 on 5/4/2021
Bicyclists are an indicator species for a healthy community. 🚴‍♂️
by Anonymous donated $69.88 on 5/4/2021
Stevie Fullerton donated $52.25 on 5/3/2021
Shubhangi K donated $36.68 on 5/3/2021
Thank you Tim for making the difference!
Mary T donated $52.25 on 5/3/2021
Alex Mohr donated $100 on 5/3/2021
Glad to help with helping reduce climate change
Nuraddin Sadr donated $36.68 on 5/3/2021
Ari Feinsmith donated $100 on 5/2/2021
This is my contribution to make the Silicon Valley more bike-friendly. Ride safely!
Hung Wei donated $50 on 5/2/2021
Jane Mark donated $104.12 on 5/2/2021
Lawrence Muñoz donated $52.25 on 5/2/2021
Ellen D Jacobson donated $300 on 5/2/2021
Thank you for getting the girls to smile.
Rosa Hellen donated $52.25 on 5/2/2021
Cesar Gaytan donated $42.91 on 5/2/2021
Sunshine Gardens Elementary is committed to teaching our students and families about the benefits of biking. Go SVBC!
Angel Dillon3 donated $52.25 on 5/1/2021
by Anonymous donated $100 on 5/1/2021